It was all just a beam…

“GET ON THE BEAM!” Roared Heather as the disinclined boys attempted escape from her peripheral vision was foiled by the ever vigilant head coach.

“But it’s for gir-”

In the time it took to nearly finish his sentence, Great Britain had successfully conducted its first ever space programme: there was no official 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 countdown, let alone a word of warning, instead a sharp look, followed a swift swoop and the boy had taken off into the Earths stratosphere. NASA can keep their nuclear reactors and rocket boosters, this vessel, a child flung into space against his will, was powered by the internal combustion of Heathers core – an assertive yet environmentally friendly fuel formed of determination and passion for our club and community.

Now in orbit and trying to come to terms with what had just happened, the new found first ever Gymnastronaut radioed in “Heather, we have a problem”. A beam of light had appeared below the boy and if he didn’t already know his destiny, Heather shouting up from Earth “JUST GET ON IT!” without the use of a communications device would of now confirmed what he needed to do.

After descending through outer space and within a footstep of the gleaming beam, the world stood still and heard the words “That’s one small step for-” but faster than he was slung into space, the Gymnastronaut was abruptly interrupted by the head coach who bellowed “THOSE TOES BETTER BE POINTED”. Now with open hips, his leg straighter than the beam itself and toes stretching out of his skin he continued his announcement whilst touching down on the cosmic-stepping stone.

All be it uncoordinatedly but somehow adapting to the new found surroundings, he discovered an appreciation for how the alien species known only as ‘Girls’ were able to take on such a contraption. Inspired by the feat of the other-worldly beings, the boy found his composure, lifted his chin and began the pursuit along the beam of light… during the next step, he froze.  Unknowingly, the Gymnastronaut was about become a Guinness Universe Record holder by holding longest one leg balance of all time as all of sudden, memories of his lost brothers in intergalactic cootie wars against the federation of ‘Girls’ came flooding back to him. His admiration for ‘Girls’ and honour for his cootie riddled comrades clashed. His arms were heavy. His leg which would see him go down in cosmic history was trembling. His body started to sway. He looked down but what he thought was down was up. The beam glowing in all its glory began to fade as he fell into darkness but as the dark came, a more familiar bright light appeared… The boy rubbed his eyes; it was all just a dream…

He jumped out of bed, had breakfast and went to school like any other day. School finished and it was time for gymnastics – unquestionably his favourite time of the week. The boy arrived at the gym and what he saw would change him for the rest of his life: a brand new beam. He gulped, took a deep breath and yelled “I’M A GYMNASTRONAUT” and hurtled towards the beam. With a new found confidence from last night’s adventure, accompanied by an understanding that he couldn’t make the Guinness Universe Book of Records but instead would have a jolly good go at getting in The Guinness World Book of Records, he took a giant leap onto the beam as Neil Armstrong did the moon. But before he could get his golf clubs out, the mission was brought to an impromptu Holt when Head Coach Heather clamoured “GET OFF THE BEAM”.

Thats right ladies and gentleman, Worthing Gymnastics Club has acquired a brand new high beam! Not only will it benefit our girls in upcoming competitions but it will also help all ages and abilities and of course girls AND boys gain fundamental skills to help with their gymnastics, health and well being. Another sign of progress within are ever growing club.

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