Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below a list of Frequently Asked Questions that we receive at the Club which may help to answer some of your own thoughts or queries:

How do I register to book my child for a taster class?

We use an external club management system powered by Love Admin – please head over to our ‘Register & Join Us‘ page and follow the link.

If I have an existing member of WGC how do I add an additional child for a taster class?

Please go to register to book a taster class and fill in the form for your sibling child and let us know in the ‘additional information’ any thing we need to know and if you would like us to link your account with the child who is a current member.

Do we need to pay for parking at Worthing college?

On the taster offer you will receive a link that enables you to register two cars for 4 free hours parking whilst your child is at gymnastics. You must receive an emailed notification to say that you have registered your car(s). Please read the pay and display signs carefully if making payment. The car park at the college is managed by an external car parking company and the college cannot be held responsible for any fines or parking issues.

What should my child wear to their gymnastics session?

Participants wear tight fitting clothing for their class with no zips, hoods or pockets. This should be active wear, no jeans, denim clothing or skirts and all jewellery to be removed at home before coming to the gym. There are no full changing facilities. Participants are to come along in their gym kit and please ensure hair is tied up securely so children can see and perform gymnastics safely. Gym shoes can be worn and socks to be removed children can slip and be injured.

Do participants need to bring anything with them?

It is essential that participants bring a named water bottle that is full.  There are no facilities for refilling bottles and children need to rehydrate. Please ensure that your child arrives at their class wearing the correct attire and leave any valuables or additional items at home.

Can I view my child in their gymnastics class?

We love having people to view their child’s progress. Please remember this is a gymnasts area first which can double up as a viewing area. Parents and carers are welcome to come in and view their child’s class after the coaches have prepared and registered the children, and we ask that people vacate the viewing area 5 minutes before dismissal. For safeguarding reasons parents and children are not in at the same time except for parent and child activities. The coaches are responsible for ensuring that children are safe and accounted for at all times. Please view responsibly by not eating or drinking or sitting on our gymnasts belongings. Be respectful at all times and remember this is a gymnasts area first.

Is there a cost for a taster session? How much is my child’s class?

The cost for the taster session is £7.50, this is the same hourly rate for all members who attend classes at Worthing Gymnastics Club. On confirming your taster you will be invoiced £7.50, this payment is to be paid by bank transfer before attending. Once a taster class has been attended your child will be offered a place in the same class unless advised otherwise. To accept your child’s place pre authorise payment and they will automatically become a member.

How do the fees work? How often and how do I pay?

All fees are requested approximately a month in advance over a ten month period beginning in August and ending in May. Fees are paid via direct debit on or around the 24th of each month which is to be pre authorised. If you join part way through the year there will be an adjustment to bring your account up to date ready for the next WGC members’ monthly payment, requested on the 24th of the month.

What is WGC Membership?

Worthing gymnastics club membership is an annual fee of £27.00 per gymnast. For current members this is requested in July, to book their place in advance ready for September. For new members, this is requested and paid upon joining by bank transfer.

How can I update my contact details?

To update your contact details, log in to Love Admin where personal contact details will be available to view and update. You can also view payment history here. Please review and update your account regularly.

My child wishes to move from another club locally. Do you have space for them?

We love welcoming children from other clubs. We operate honestly and transparently and with this in mind we ask parents to discuss their options with their child’s current coaches or previous club before making an enquiry at WGC.

How much notice do I need to give?

We require a notice period of 4 operational weeks for rearranging groups, additional training hours and to leave Worthing Gymnastics Club. We encourage children to spend their time with their coaching team, to finish their gymnastics program with the skills they would like to achieve before leaving and to know that they welcome back at any time in the future. If a child rejoins before the membership period has ended there is no cost.

How to communicate and who is the best contact for me?

Email is the best contact for facilitating information it’s our ‘to do list’

We love to talk, please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you need to discuss anything.

If the outcome is important or action is required please follow up with an email.

Head Coach Heather Sampford heather@worthinggymnastics.com or 07872451517

General enquires – Coaching Admin Team info@worthinggymnastics.com

Welfare Officer – Alex Walter  welfare.alex@worthinggymnastics.com or  07710 169310

Welfare Officer – Gemma Hornsby gemma@worthinggymnastics.com or 07753411070