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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below a list of Frequently Asked Questions that we receive at the Club which may help to answer some of your own thoughts or queries:

What should my child wear to their gymnastics class?

Participants should wear tight fitting clothing for their class with no zips, hoods or pockets. This should be activewear, refraining from jeans, denim clothing or skirts and all jewellery should be removed. Hair should also be tied up out of your child’s face and socks should be removed.

Does my child need to bring anything with them?

It is essential that your child brings a named water bottle to the session to be placed inside the door in the water bucket.  This enables your child to have a quick drink when required, without having to leave the facility. We also recommend that your child arrives at the session wearing the correct attire and avoid bring any valuables or additional items.

Who are British Gymnastics? Why does my child need an insurance with them?

British Gymnastics are our National Governing Body for Gymnastics and provide support and insurance for both our coaches, volunteers and our gymnasts. Unfortunately, we are unable to let you participate in sessions without their membership as this also includes your childs insurance.

Is there a cost for a taster session? How much is my child’s class?

The cost for the taster session is £5.25; this is the same hourly raste for those enrolled in classes at Worthing Gymnastics Club.

How do the fees work? How often and how do I pay?

For gymnasts that attend a one hour session per week, fees are paid on a termly basis and must be settled prior to this period commencing. For those who train at least two hours per week, fees are paid via direct debit on or around the 14thof each month.

How can I update my contact details?

To update your contact details, you need to log in to Pay Subsonline where your contact details will be available to view and update.


Where can I go to watch my child?

You can watch your child within their gymnastics session in the designated spectator area. Please ask a member of the team for further details. Please note, food and drink is not allowed within the sports hall and we ask that you spectate quietly so that the gymnasts are not distracted.

How much notice do I need to give?

We require a notice period of one month for rearranging groups, additional training hours and any period of absence.  Continually, if you with to leave Worthing Gymnastics Club, we require a months notice in writing.

Who is the best contact for me?

If you query is urgent, please telephone Heather Sampford on 07872 451517

Welfare Officer = welfare.alex@worthinggymnastics.com or  07710 169310

Admin and Payment Information = admin@worthinggymnastics.com

Club Leotards and Kit = hannah@worthinggymnastics.com