The Worthing Cup

At WGC we are always in the pursuit of better, from improving our members wellbeing to bolstering our team and facilities.

Understandably for many of our gymnasts it’s about gaining skills and improving their performance in the sport they love. Especially our MAG boys who compete at a national level and seek additional sessions.

Once a week and in the holidays the squad will travel up to Hawth Gymnastics and train on pieces of apparatus we don’t currently have access to. From this we have built a strong relationship with the team at Hawth, training side by side and making friends on the way. This has recently been recognised officially in the form of ‘The Worthing Cup’ which is awarded to the gymnast at Hawth who is the most supportive and encouraging to our boys as well as always being on hand with tips and advice.

This years winner is ex WGC gymnast Henry Clark (who’s mum is still very much at the core of our club)!henry

A big thank you to Henry and Hawth Gymnastics Club for sharing their knowledge and facilities – they are true advocates of British Gymnastics. We look forward to continuing our fruitful relationship and of course competing at competitions against one another.

Another thank you to our coaches and parents for the time and effort they put in to travelling to Crawley supporting our gymnasts dreams and of course for the many other ways you help our club and community.

We can’t wait for the day we can start hosting clubs at our future state of the art facility and improving on our Active Sussex Club of the year status.

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