After receiving a fruitful £8000 grant from British Gymnastics to help push their new freestyle gymnastics ‘FreeG’ which supports our innovative programme ‘GymKore’ (more on this soon), Head Coach Heather tentatively yet insistently requested that more equipment was to be stored in our already overflowing sheds…

In the words and ever so innocent mannerism of Oliver Twist himself, she asked “Please Sir, I want some more”. “MORE?!” the coaches and volunteer parents replied deeply scratching their craniums, pondering how the daily game of Gymnastics equipment Tetris would be complete upon the arrival of new pieces… but not only this they showed great concern in how they’d be able to fund the much anticipated chiropractor sessions caused by the additional hoisting.

But… Fingers now skinless from scoring their skulls, and unlike Bumble Beadle they refilled Heather’s bowls! Though sometimes tedious and somewhat taxing, setting up and packing away is far better than relaxing! It brings us together and helps the community, you’d be a fool to turn down £8000 opportunity!

Forward roll to this weekend just gone and if you were wondering, yes, we did manage to get ALL of the new equipment into our sheds and no, we a are not sure how…

As always, we cannot thank the parents enough for donating their time and pure muscle power when helping us set up and pack away an ENTIRE Gymnasium in 15 minutes flat, maybe 16 minutes with the new additions… but none the less, still quite a feat, maybe we should start up our own removals company? Any way, I digress…

A massive thank you to British Gymnastics for the grant, which has enabled us to grow once again! We cannot wait to try it all out this week!

Progress seems to be the running theme for our community club. We are looking forward to the day we find ourselves not worrying about space or back pain, as when we have our own venue we will be able to leave it allllll out. Apologies in advance to the Chiropractors of Worthing.



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