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A Month of Medals for Worthing Gymnastics Club

Competition season is underway and Worthing Gymnastics Club has been reaping the rewards of a dedicated training programme developed over the year to secure a haul of 12 medals altogether so far.
South East Regional Qualifiers
The Men’s Artistic Gymnastic (MAG) squad competed at the MAG South East Regional Qualifiers for a place in the team to represent the region against the rest of Britain.  

In the level three category we saw George Harvey finishing with a flourish in 2nd to earn silver and a place in the squad. During the same session but in the level 4 category Dan Vallance triumphantly secured a place in the team after coming top of his group out of age with gold.

Next up we saw George Ferris and Alfie Skinner competing for places in the level 2 category where George landed 4th spot and a space to represent the region but Alfie marginally missed out following a solid performance to come 6th as a reserve.

The national development grades will take place in Birmingham where the boys will perform on six pieces of apparatus, each different to the other and requiring a combination of strength, mobility, endurance, flexibility, body control and co-ordination.
South East Regional Advanced Floor & Vault Competition
The advanced floor & vault team all medalled in their respective age groups at the South East Regional Advanced Floor & Vault Competition. Finlay Rolfe and Morgan Caulkin lead the way with golds, Ben Reeves secured silver and Oscar Rolfe and Eoin Robertson both brought home bronze.
Pegasus Invitational Floor & Vault Competition
At the Pegasus Invitational Floor & Vault Competition the intermediate squad started splendidly with Charlie Kriel grabbing gold and Harry Skinner coming second with silver.
Then came the girls, Ruby Miles battled for a 5th place rosette and Merle Skyes won silver. More stellar performances came from Isabelle Rodgers who won gold and Zita Ridgett taking home bronze – both also received awards for the highest score on floor.
Heather Sampford, Head Coach & Founder, commented: “Historically, our focus has been on competitive boys gymnastics which still remains strong and dynamic. Following the development of our newly qualified coaching team and leadership academy scheme we’re now able to extend these opportunities to our girls section who are having just as much success.”

#StressAwarenessDay – How Exercise Can Help

Whether it’s due to work or an upcoming exam, we’ve all been stressed from time to time but for some it’s a daily occurrence and can become overwhelming. Fortunately, no matter how minor or major, there are ways to combat stress and help subside the feeling – as a gymnastics club we feel exercise plays a pivotal role in this.

Today is Stress Awareness Day and to show how exercise can help we’ve shared five tips on how participating can calm your worries and clear your mind.

Relieves Tension

Taking part in sport can relax blood vessels, reduce heart rates and blood pressure. Easing these down through exercise or stretching can have positive effects on the body and mind resulting in a more relaxed physical and mental wellbeing.

If you’re not feeling a work out, no worries. Meditating a few minutes a day or even taking time out to breathe deeply can take away tension.

Produces Endorphins

Any form of exercise will stimulate the body to produce chemicals called endorphins. These are released into the brain and give a feel-good sensation known as a “runners high”.

Aerobic work outs are the best for generating this natural pain killer and the more upbeat the work out, the better the feeling!

Increases Self-esteem

Whether part of a team or focused independently, you can improve self-esteem by working towards a goal. Whatever you achieve, from completing your first push up to winning a competition, gives you that feel good factor and encourages further goal breaking.

Start off by setting mini achievable targets and as you grow with confidence push yourself to break bigger barriers both in sport and life.

Improves sleep and creates better habits

We’re all guilty of not getting our 8 hours but this can lead to anxiety and further sleep deprivation. This has knock on effects to everyday life as sleep is linked to your sense of well-being – the less you get the worse you feel.

Taking part in sport has instant effects as it takes the focus from what’s on your mind and tires you out ready for a good night’s sleep. However, the long-term benefits are just as rewarding. A regular exercise routine will push you to adopt healthier habits and encourages your body to yearn things that are good for it – sleep, good food and water to name a few. As you overcome these healthy changes your body’s overall fitness continues to improve and becomes effective at handling stress levels.


We’re better connected than ever but more and more of us are feeling lonely in turn increasing stress and anxiety. Socialising in an environment you feel comfortable in relieves stress by releasing a hormone called oxytocin which promotes relaxation.

Joining a team or club and surrounding yourself with people who have similar interests gives you the opportunity to make new friends. Even if it’s in a non-competitive setting, involvement has been associated with social acceptance which can be further nurtured though support from coaches and team members.

WGC Are Going To The Nationals

Today, four of WGC’s Mens Artistic Gymnastics squad competed at the South East regional qualifiers for a place to do battle against the rest of Britain.

In the first round we saw George Ferris and Alfie Baker competing for places in the level 2 category where George landed 4th spot and a space to represent the region and Alfie marginally missed out with a solid performance coming 6th as a reserve.

In round two George Harvey had a terrific day finishing 2nd and securing a spot with silver in level 4 category and Dan ‘The Man’ Vallance triumphantly stepped up to earn a place in the level 3 category, an age group higher than his own, to win gold.

We couldn’t be prouder of these young gentleman who have represented our club and community impeccably today – they really couldn’t have worked any harder or been more courteous and obliging to all.

As always, a big thank you to our friends at Pegasus Gymnastics Club who hosted the competition in their stunning facilities and a huge congratulations to all the clubs that competed today. Its always a pleasure to compete with you and we look forward to working along side you leading up to the nationals in Birmingham later this year.

We must also thank the coaches and parents who sacrificed their summer and worked tirelessly in preparation for todays excellent results.

One final thank you goes to coach Rafe who helped judge on the day – doesn’t he look dapper!

Please do give all four boys and the coaches a pat on the back if you see them in the gym and fingers crossed for some more splendid results when they come up against the rest of Britain.