Payment Information

Gymnastics classes operate from the The Warren Room at Worthing College, at a cost of £7.50 per hour.

Taster class is a one time transaction and there is no need to pre authorise, to become a member and join us after the taster requires that you login again and pre authorise your account with WGC.

WGC uses a club management system powered by LoveAdmin, monthly fees are pre authorised and paid by Direct Debit. Once for joining with an initial adjustment fee and then on the 24th of every month until May 2023 for your child’s gymnastics classes. The system is safe, secure, quick and records all transactions. Members can login securely, check and update contact information and updated payment information.

After the initial adjustment fee the same amount is collected each month on 24th to make budgeting easier, and correlates to the hours a gymnast attends each week (see table below)Worthing Gymnastics Club operates 38 weeks of the year and payments are spread evenly over ten months from August – May, 4 weeks operational notice is required to end your agreement with us.


September 2022 May 2023 Monthly Payments 

First Steps 9am Saturday Parent Assisted£28.50
Rising 5s Saturday 10am£28.50
1 hour session per week£28.50
1.5 hour session per week£42.75
2 hour session per week£57.00
2.5 hours per week£71.25
3 hours per week£85.50
3 hours +Invitational

WGC Membership

Membership is an annual fee of £27.00 per gymnast.