Gymnastics For All (GFA)

Recreational classes are based on a General Gymnastics approach that is fun, challenging, increases cardiovascular fitness levels and is fundamental for a child’s growth and  development. Gymnastics is a great way to keep your child fit and energised!

Each gymnast is in an appropriate group and their coach will work with their individual ability level during their session. Our programme each week is geared towards all aspects of gymnastics. Not only do we strive to teach them important skills and get them excited for what’s next, but we make sure they are having a good time learning!

Gymnastics is a core sport and discipline that conditions the whole body. Mentally and physically providing a spring board for all sports.

Gymnastics skills cover flight, rotation, static, balances.  Gymnastics whilst being lots of fun is interactive and social with lots of rewards. It boosts co ordination, flexibility, strength, power and endurance.

All gymnasts work towards British Gymnastics proficiency awards and badges.

If you’re interested in joining one of our Gymnastics For All session’s, please fill in the online registration form HERE and you’ll be contacted by a member of our admin team to arrange a taster session.