Friends of WGC

Alex Walter – Welfare Officer


Alex Walter has three children, two of which attend WGC. He is a specialist paramedic in urgent and primary care, working for the out of hours GP service here in Worthing. He is also the Resuscitation Officer for the local community NHS Trust and teaches first aid to local school staff and parents.

He has been involved with young people, ever since he was one himself! Previously he has been the chairman of a local Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Committee

Alex believes that we need to encourage our children to take more exercise than they do and to instil a sense of discipline that will enable them to tackle today’s world in a more confident yet caring and healthy way.

He will be available at some classes throughout each week, although please feel free to ask to meet him in person and he will attend any class that he can.

You can also contact him about anything regarding the welfare of our young gymnasts, including health related matters. It is usually best to contact him via e-mail – – or give any of the coaches your number and they will contact him to call you.

Katherine Lawrie – Funding & Sponsorship Manager


Katherine has two sons. Her youngest, Joseph, has been a member of WGC since its inception and is now coaching and training to be a L2 Coach. She heads up the fantastic group of parents and friends who organise the wonderful fundraising and events and all the hard work behind the scenes. She is also one of the main points of contact for funding and grant bids. Half of our equipment would not be here without the hard work she puts into writing bid and grant proposals. Please contact Katherine with any funding ideas on