About us


To provide an inspiring journey for all to discover their full potential whilst striving for excellence and wellbeing, ultimately becoming a national leader in gymnastics provision.


We are an inclusive community club that offers a range of specialised gymnastic disciplines and activities in a fun, safe and supportive environment.



Hardworking with integrity

Achieving and innovating

Role modelling leadership

Personal, fun and inclusive



Worthing Gymnastic Club (WGC) is raising the profile of gymnastics for boys and girls, from all socio – economic backgrounds, enriching our community and improving quality of life by providing a holistic sport’s education that is facilitating the boys and girls of today into becoming the successful contributing men and women of tomorrow.

Our aim is to increase the participation for girls, but especially for boys in gymnastics by offering an inclusive range of gymnastic disciplines and activities through pre-school programmes, Gymnastics for All, including opportunities to perform and achieve, and Freestyle and Cheer for teens to young adults, therefore guaranteeing access and opportunities for all ages and abilities. Although initially the club was set up to enable boys who wish to embrace Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (MAG) to reach their full potential through a brand new Development Programme in Sussex, the club feel that there should be opportunities available for all to participate in this fast moving and dynamic sport.

WGC is a not for profit amateur sports club for girls and boys to adult years that ensures its members come before profit and that our community is fully involved with the club’s development and boundless potential.

The club has implemented effective monitoring relationships between members, coaches and our committee, sustaining the club’s ethos and commitment in ensuring quality gymnastic coaching for all. This will enable the club to produce leaders, encourage innovation and provide positive role models, and this ethos will act as a catalyst for the future growth & development of WGC.